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Hello Friend! My name is Jilleysue and I want to share with you how my life drastically changed and how yours could to!



I didn’t know what I deserved back in 2007. I believed I was going to ride along in the side cart of my current boyfriend who had the business, the cars, the money and who dictated what I did and where I went.  I sat in his office as his employee as he told me what to do each day. As an outsider looking in, many would say, “What does she have to complain about?” Nice house, nice cars, trips, a vacation house but I was truly empty on the inside. I felt trapped. I woke up every day to his life, his friends and his rules. I knew back in college that I was meant to be my own boss but living that life….I couldn’t see the vision of how.

In 2008, I decided to join a Direct Sales business, just as hobby to maybe find a friend or two of my own. I joined a cooking tools company and the person I joined under explained to me how she recently got out of a severely abusive marriage and how found the love of her life. That when she first left with her two kids, she had no money and joined the company as only a hope to make a few extra dollars. For the first time, I felt hope. I started to think differently about being trapped and thought maybe this life was trying to teach me how to have a better one.  I hadn’t done much research when I joined that first company. I just kinda threw a dart at the wall, but in 2009, my current company found me. I had ordered one of their products and before it even arrived in the mail, I thought, “I could do this.”

When I joined and the started kit arrived in the mail, I hid it. I was so embarrassed to be signed up for “one of THOSE type of companies”.  I didn’t want to attend any meetings. You know we all assume they are all mean girls who do this but then I started connecting with people online who had been in the company since 2004 and seeing their average income. I was in! If was sitting at a desk for 12 hours a day, begging for a raise and a vacation after 14 years from my boyfriend, THIS was going to be my EXIT game plan from that life!

Deep down I truly thought I would fail at this new company too, so I started with the intent of only joining this one last company for the discount.  Well that is what I told myself. But I knew deep down, I didn’t just want a discount, I wanted to be at the top. So just like so many who catch that new business bug, I jumped in full force. I partnered up, I did presentations while working my 50 hours a week and trying to balance it all. Oh and did I mention, my partner suffered from severe alcoholism, so trying to maintain stability and a business at night was no easy task.

During all of this, I realized the benefit of residual income very fast. Being a professional co-dependent and not being able to go to work all the time because of a home is disarray or myself in disarray, that extra income carried me. The relationships I built gave me the courage and the means to finally get out in 2013. My business went into full affect. It was the scariest thing I had ever done. I had always asked for permission for everything and I was giving up comfort in order to have a life.

It was a small apartment and I remember sitting on the floor with the keys and just sobbing. I was scared and sick to my stomach. I didn’t know what he would do. I didn’t know what I would do, but doing nothing was not the answer.


Believing I Could Run My Business Online

Being a Social Media Strategist for my company was a blessing, although I knew never it at the time. I knew I wanted to mix Direct Sales and Social Media together. At that time, no one was doing it and you can imagine, I got a lot of slack for even suggesting it could be done. I wanted to run my business from anywhere. I started googling ways to build my business and I found some of the best of the best who knew what they were doing. I found Kim Garst and started talking to her on Twitter. The way things fell into place, she took me under her wing and taught me everything she knew.

I’ll be honest, learning how to build relationships online and staying consistent was not easy. There was a huge learning curve. One where I felt like I was asking her questions 24 hours a day. It took me 2 years, along with still maintaining my full time job to really get the hang of things, but once I found my strategy and got committed to making it work, things started falling into place.

  • I built not one but two top level network marketing businesses at the same time. (not something I suggest but like I said before, I was learning)
  • I started having virtual presentations and opportunity nights which were unheard of back then.
  • I built an online team training page that was duplicatable and I didn’t have to do sit down training one at a time anymore.
  • I started to become an influencer in the online and personal branding space which caused people to reach out to me to find out how I was doing everything.

Now I will be completely transparent. From 2013-2018, a whole heck of a lot of adversity happened. It slowed down my progress but my business is also the sole thing that kept me a float during some of the worst times of my life. Having a residual income saved me. In 2014 when the company I worked for closed down and I got a 2 days notice with no severance package, yeah you could say that my income kept me from being homeless. Beyond that, the decision to take a risk and join “one of those companies” probably saved my life.



From 2007 to now, it has been a crazy roller coaster ride. I am so blessed and grateful to have gotten thru some of my darkest days. I have something that so many people haven’t realized yet. I have figured out my purpose and I have complete time freedom. Family members have been sick, life has hit and I have had to change my schedule at the drop of a hat, but this time without having to ask for permission. I still work hard but only because I absolutely love what I do more than anything and I wouldn’t trade the ups & downs of owning my business for anything. I determine how I spend the 24 hours in a day. I determine my paycheck. I determine how fast it grows and I determine how many people I want to bless with the same opportunity.


I have been asked to speak and tell my story and share my passion. I get to wake up to my best friend and my puppies and look outside at my gorgeous back yard instead of the walls of a cubicle.

I am excited to travel more. I have earned countless trips with my company and most recently, I earned an all expenses paid cruise on the largest cruise ship in the world to the Mediterranean with my best friends.  Oh and did I mention, I am currently working on a trip to New Zealand or Switzerland!  I don’t remember my boss ever giving me that type of incentive.


I am in the top 1% of my company and I am able to use my story to inspire more women to believe in themselves and realize they have something amazing to offer. It is so amazing to have made my passion and the story of my adversity my business. I get excited every day to know that just one person may message me and say, “You changed my life.”



work with Jilleysue

Thinking about taking a leap of faith? I tell you my story because when you jump into something, it can be the scariest thing you have ever done. The amazing thing that will happen when you choose to come on board, is you are choosing a girl who was just as crazy as you feel right now once upon a time. That means when you are about to click that button above, you will have some one in your court who is here to help you and who has already gone through it.

We will dig deep, and figure out why your gut feeling is pushing you to be here and what you really can envision your life looking life. You can start off slow or like a rocket depending what where you want to be. It is always up to you and I am here to help you no matter what. Let’s chat & get all your questions answered. I can even provide VIP ACCESS to my exclusive TEAM TRAINING where you can check things out and decide if this is the right fit for you.

I had no clue what was in store for me when I found my company. I was looking for friends, connection, a chance, some hope. I found that and so much more. The universe laid an opportunity in front of me and now……well guess what, lets just say you are probably reading this for a reason.  I mentioned my purpose up above. That is now to pass on what I received. It is to give you hope, a chance, teach what I what I have learned. Let me show you what I see in you that you may not see. Someone did that for me once and I vowed to return the favor.






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