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Are you Taking Advantage of Everything Your Company Provides

Direct sales MaterialsAre you Taking Advantage of Everything Your Company Provides

When a Consultant first joins my team, the first suggestion I give them is to not reinvent the wheel. Too many times, instead of using what their company already provides for them, new consultants waste their time creating documents, flyers, creating training videos for their teams or their customers.  The amazing thing about Direct Sales is that we can check things out before we join, we can see what they provide and we can ask other consultants what their opinion is of the materials that have already been created.

In this industry, time is money. A consultants time needs to be spent on booking shows, building their team and customer service. Direct sales companies know this, which is the reason they provide as many materials as they can to make running your business easier.

Many companies provide:

  • Training Materials
  • Training Videos
  • Demonstration Videos
  • Commercials
  • Documents & Forms
  • Advertisements
  • Webinars
  • Supplies
  • Product Videos
  • Party Demonstrations.

The list goes on and on but we continuously see consultants trying to recreate things that are already created for them. If you don’t take advantage of these materials, you are simply wasting time which ultimately is giving away money.

You can use the company provided materials in many ways.

  • Post a Commercial on Facebook or Link it on Twitter
  • Use the documents for customers and team training
  • Send Private Messages on Facebook containing product videos showing new items.
  • Use the recruiting video in your email signature.
  • Provide links in messages to videos or websites etc.

Keep people interested by posting a variety of information about your products or services. That includes flyers, documents, blog posts and videos. You may think there are ways for the information to be improved but funnel those suggestions to your upline and do what you do best, building your community.

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