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Candles vs Scentsy

It was a day, that I said would never come. I would never get rid of my  candles and switch to a warmer with a plug. How could one of those possibly smell as good as a jarred candle? I wouldn’t hear of it, I wouldn’t even consider trying it. A flame creates ambiance. A Flame creates a scent filling a home that could not be replicated by an Electric Candle Warmer. I wouldn’t look at them, I wouldn’t consider them. Candles were high class. Candles were the only way to create a warm inviting home.

Why Candles are Bad.

What an insane way to think. What candles created were anxiety about leaving my house with the idea I may have left one burning. What  jarred candles created were soot and lead in my lungs and on my walls. They created a black soot around a glass jar that I would eventually have to bless our earth with. They have caused me to run like a crazy women to my cat, as I watched his tail full of hot wax. What part of any of that is fun or worth the flicker of a flame?

I found all this out when I finally discovered Scentsy. The day I plugged in my very first warmer was the day, I piled 26 jarred candles, a basket full of votives and a box full of tarts in a plastic bin and stored them away. And there they sat until this past December, when I threw away an entire box full of wax tarts and candle votives.

What was I missing all these years? Why would I refuse to try anything new? Especially something that was safe for me, my family, my pets and costed way less than all those tart warmers, tea lights, jarred candles and candle votives. All because of a plug? Or was it because it was what I was use to all these years? Who knows but I do know now that I wouldn’t have anything but Scentsy in my home and I have made it my job to share this amazing product with everyone I meet.

In my home now are an endless number of Scentsy electric candle warmers, all of which stay lit 24 hours a day. They act as night lights, ambiance, fragrance and a general feeling of calmness knowing they are a quality product that will not burn my home down, cause harm to anyone or add more pollution to our environment. Scentsy is a safe-wickless alternative to scented candles. They are lit by a 25-watt light bulb instead of a traditional wick and flame. Fragrances brings powerful emotions and memories to our fore front and now we can experience that without the risk of burning a candle. 150,000 people lose their homes to candle fires every year. Children die. Families are destroyed.

Scenty’s Mission: To bring value to the world by providing an industry leading, family friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high quality products that warm the heart, enliven the senses and inspire the soul.

The day those bins of hard wax, unsafe candles were thrown out was a day that changed my life. Don’t always be so close minded to change. The day I decided to let down my original way of thinking could have saved me and my families life. Every day that I share Scentsy, I could be saving someone’s life. Take a look around your home at all those open-flamed candles. Isn’t YOUR family worth trying something new? If you could change the world, one family at a time….wouldn’t it be worth it? Interested in trying Scentsy? Visit my website or let’s chat on my Facebook page. I would love to send you samples or make you one of my VIPs!

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