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Scentsy Sale 10% Off – Updated August 2017

Scentsy Sale 10% Off – Updated August 2017

Scentsy Sale 10% Off – August 2017 The Scentsy Sale where you can save 10% off on lots of your favorite Scentsy goodies is upon us again. Starting August 1st 2017, you will be able to stock up on all your favorite Scentsy bars, warmers and more. Almost everything in the Spring/Summer 2017 Catalog will… Continue Reading

Scentsy’s Bring Back My Bar 2016

Scentsy’s Bring Back My Bar 2016

Scentsy Bring Back my Bar Scents One of my favorite times of the year, Scentsy Bring Back My Bar promotion. The voting has been closed and your nominations tallied. Twice a year, one of our popular promotions is when we bring back certain scents for only one month. That promotion will start in July and because… Continue Reading

Discontinued Scentsy Scents Spring Summer 2016

Discontinued Scentsy Scents Spring Summer 2016 The following scents will not be available after August 31, 2016 nor will they be in the new Fall/Winter 2016 Scentsy Catalog. Stock up on your favorites during the month of August, they will be 10% off and they will be gone after that! Some of my favorites are going bye… Continue Reading

Discontinued Scentsy Warmers

Discontinued Scentsy Warmers Spring Summer 2016 Discontinued Scentsy Warmers These warmers are discontinued from the Spring Summer Catalog 2016 season and may not be available in the Close-Out category. They are available while supplies last only. SAVE 10% during Scentsy’s August 10% Off Sale. Post will be updated on August 1st, 2016 Continue Reading

Electric Candle Warmers


Electric Candle Warmers from Scentsy are great for those of us who love fragrance as well as the ambiance of a candle but want to put safety, health and cost first. Many of us have loved the traditional candles for many years. We love how they look and smell but what many of us don’t like is that horrible feeling that comes over us as we suddenly remember, we may have left a candle burning. There are many benefits to switching to beautiful hand crafted electric candle warmers and they make a wonderful gift for friends and family members who love scented items – candles, oils, and incense. With Scentsy, there is absolutely something for everyone and everyone’s decor. Continue Reading

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