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Periscope for Your Scentsy Business

Periscope for Your Scentsy Business

What is Periscope? Periscope is the newest Social Media platform and it is the perfect in the now social media platform that you should be using for your Scentsy business. You can stream live online and have anyone from all across the world engage with you via chat, hearts or sharing your content.  Chatters can ask questions, comment,… Continue Reading

Using Twitter for Your Direct Sales Business

Using Twitter For Your Direct Sales Business One of the most frequent questions, I am asked is how to use twitter in your direct sales business. It is a platform that is confusing to consultants. What I see normally are Twitter feeds with nothing but marketing ads about their business. Consultants do very well using Facebook.… Continue Reading

Social Boom Social Media Conference Review

Social Boom: Social Media Conference Review This past weekend, I attended Kim Garst’s (Forbe’s 50 Social Media Power Influencers) Social Boom. It was amazing! Everything I expected and more. It was such a success that I already can not wait for next year. It was two days jam packed with information and networking. Let’s take… Continue Reading

What is the Point of Twitter?

What Is The Point of Twitter? I don’t get it. Well to be honest, I didn’t get it either. It didn’t make sense to me and was very fast paced. Right now we are behind the internet when it comes to marketing our businesses, so I knew if it was catching on especially with big… Continue Reading

Incorporating Social Media into Your Direct Sales Business

Incorporating Social Media into Your Direct Sales Business Incorporating Social Media into your Direct Sales Business is definitely an option for adding to an existing business.  What I constantly see and hear over and over are consultants mentioning what other consultants are doing on line and becoming frantic that they have to do the same things in… Continue Reading

The Don’ts of Social Media

The Don’ts of Social Media The Don’ts of  Social Media must be learned if you plan to be successful in in any direct sales business using it.  As a Direct Seller, there are many choices when it comes to getting your name out there via social media. Facebook is one of the top ways but… Continue Reading

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