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Direct Sales Businesses (like Scentsy) Offer the Best Job

Direct Sales BusinessesDirect Sales Businesses like Scentsy are where people are turning during the Recession as a way to put more money in their bank accounts. These type of businesses are paying the mortgage payments for people in a time when many are losing their jobs. The unemployment rate has soared and people need to find new ways to make money.  Direct Sales has found that we are recession resistant because many people turn to it for supplemental income during hard times.  For Direct Sales, people are still buying products are home parties and the recession has become a very successful recruiting tool. There are wives who have stayed home  who now need to help out  or people become unemployed and get worn out looking for work and companies like Scentsy are the perfect answer.

Scentsy is recession-proof and continues to come up with new and inventive ways to stand out among all Direct Sales companies. There is no better time to invest $99 and get started with Scentsy. It is the best $99 I have ever spend. You are able to choose how you run your business and how many hours you put into it which make YOU truly your own boss. You are able to advertise your business not only with your own network of friends and family but by getting involved with social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. Your success will come from engaging others and sharing your excitement for a truly amazing company.

Scentsy is growing by incredible rates of speed. We have gone International in Canada, the UK, Germany and now Ireland with plans to expand to two more North American markets this year.  March 1st, we will launch two more extensions of Scentsy with our Body Care and Laundry enhancer line called Layers by Scentsy and our online scented greeting card line called Sincerely Scent. In May, Scentsy will launch an entirely new brand in the fondue and Belgium chocolate market. With all these opportunities your target market is huge and gives any consultant the ability to sell a wide variety of products to a huge arena of people.

Scentsy for me started as a possibility and the chance to really have fun with my leadership abilities and now 2 1/2 years later, it has grown to so much more.  Scentsy is now a great way to earn the extra money I need and also do the things that I love to do such as travel.  Scentsy can truly be fun for the entire family. Every one loves fragrance and it is so fun to watch how the entire family gets involved. What a fun way to bring a family together but by trying to earn a paid incentive trip together. This year Scentsy is sending 3100 consultants to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for absolutely Free.

Have you thought about earning extra cash? Would you like to have a little extra every month? Would your goal be to just make the car payment? or would you like to be like me and have the desire to work from home, be with your kids and run a business how you want instead of that tiny cubicle with someone hovering over you.  Maybe you are unemployed and instead of spending those grueling, emotional hours looking for a job, you want to decide exactly what your daily tasks will be every day.

Think about it. What is your dream? Where do you see yourself? What do you deserve?  Once you figure out or see your vision and you know the answer is SCENTSY,  contact me. I want to help you down your Scentsy path. I want your dreams to come true.  It is possible. I am proof.,/br>



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