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Discontinued Scentsy Scents Spring Summer 2016

Discontinued Scentsy Scents Spring Summer 2016

The following scents will not be available after August 31, 2016 nor will they be in the new Fall/Winter 2016 Scentsy Catalog.

Stock up on your favorites during the month of August, they will be 10% off and they will be gone after that! Some of my favorites are going bye bye and I am sure yours too. This time of year always gives me anxiety because I go into hoarding mode. Do you know the feeling? Your absolutely favorite scent and the fear it won’t ever come back? Yup I know the feeling. Well get ready because now is that dreaded time, however think how much fun it will be to see a box of your favorite scent arriving at your door.

Read More to Check out the Discontinued Scentsy Scents. Is your favorite in the list?

Scentsy Scentsy Saying Bye Bye:


Visit my website here to order your favorites now. You can order them in 6 packs for $25.00. Visit our Combine and save area to get the best deals

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