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Electric Candle Warmers

Where Can I Find Electric Candle Warmers?

Electric Candle Warmers from Scentsy are great for those of us who love fragrance as well as the ambiance of a candle but want to put safety, health and cost first.  Many of us have loved the traditional candles for many years. We love how they look and smell but what many of us don’t like is that horrible feeling that comes over us as we suddenly remember, we may have left a candle burning.  There are many benefits to switching to beautiful hand crafted electric candle warmers and they make a wonderful gift for friends and family members who love scented items – candles, oils, and incense. With Scentsy, there is absolutely something for everyone and everyone’s decor.


Electric Candle Warmers are a decorative ceramic piece with a small heating dish, and plugs into an electrical outlet. In the dish (or lid), you’ll place small squares of wax from our Scentsy Bars. As the wax heats because of the light bulb, the scent is released. There is no need to light the candle because you’re getting the same effect with the candle warmer without the need for the flame.


The candle wax will be warmed and melt of course, so it’ll need to be kept away from little hands the same way a lit candle would. However, the wax only reaches a temperature equal to a little above our own body temperature so it will not burn anyone.  It can be placed practically anywhere and will fill the whole room with the incredible  fragrance of your favorite scented candle, in a safe candle warmer. There are different brands of electric candle warmers so when it comes to selecting which one you should purchase, it will come down to your favorite brand. I have tried many in the past but between the wax as well as the beautiful warmers, none beat Scentsy in any category.

There are some great ways to use electric candle warmers to create a wonderful scent in your home. Place one in the bathroom with your favorite candle bar so it will always smell fresh and lovely. Place one in your home while you’re gone so you can come home to a house that smells wonderful. Or, place more than one in your house – in key areas so the scent will travel all over. Electric candle warmers are a great idea for your home, or to give as a gift for someone who loves scented candles.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or to buy a Scentsy Electric Candle Warmer.

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