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Get In ShapeHealthy with Scentsy in Full Swing

Healthy with Scentsy, yeah just one more thing I can thank Scentsy for, getting me off my bum and getting back into what I love. Ten years ago, I was in the gym every day and loved it for the most part but looking back now, I don’t think my nutrition was where it should be and I don’t believe I was working out for the right reasons. It feels very different now. I was motivated and inspired when I attended Scentsy’s Bootcamp for Directors in April. I met amazing people, Scentsy executives and a company wide feeling that getting healthy is important. You can’t be everything for yourself, your team or the people you love if you are not healthy.

 Healthy with Scentsy-The First Step

Healthy with Scentsy and the first step is always the most difficult. I was already doing things half way. Yes I drank my water, yes I “THOUGHT” I ate …..um well? Well except for that one cookie I had as I walked by the pantry or the late night nibbles if I woke up in the middle of the night. Yeah and then there was the small tablespoon of mayo that I didn’t count when I counted my calories. Oh but I was eating organic greens. HAHAHA. How many of us are like that. And then of course, there is the skipping meals. I love that most of us are a member of the “But I don’t eat much during the day” club. I must hear it a thousand times. That is just it. Our bodies are STARVING, so it just holds onto everything. Eventually because of this the pounds creep up.

Healthy with Scentsy is currently in full swing in their dedication to providing their consultants with the tools we need to live a life of wellness. If Scentsy is going to provide me with the things I need then I certainly am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I have jumped on board full force. You can check out my progress at www.ForeverSparkling.com  Each week, I will be posting what I am doing, how I am feeling and soon….hopefully progress pictures.

It has been a battle over the last 6 weeks, I won’t lie. Although, I have really enjoyed going to the gym, it really works your mind and some days you just want to give up.  Scentsy provides us with a Wellness Group and it seems like everyone but me was losing inches and weight but after a conversation with quite a few people I admire including Scentsy’s Wellness Director, Lee Leslie….I went so long not eating and just picking that I need to shock my system into trusting me that I will feed it and I will exercise every single day. Once my body trusts me again, the changes on the outside will start happening.  There is no magic recipe. There is no magic pill. Consistency and Dedication win. It is the same as working your Scentsy business. It doesn’t matter what pace you go as long as YOU NEVER GIVE UP!!

Follow me on my blog and let me know how you are doing. I love to hear from people. Thank you Scentsy for believing in all of us and caring about us enough to make Scentsy about more than Warmers and Wax.


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