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Join Scentsy-The Top 10 Reasons- April 2018

Join Scentsy-The Top 10 Reasons- April 2018

Why Should you Join Scentsy in 2018

Join Scentsy! The time is now and I can’t wait to give you the reasons why. This post is not to tell you that the my Scentsy team is the most amazing out there (although they pretty fabulous). But I will post the reasons why I love Scentsy and I love my Scentsy team. To me when you join any direct sales business, your sponsor and the team need to be a perfect fit.  Asking questions and finding out if joining a particular team is what I suggest to everyone I talk to. I didn’t consider myself a sales person and I never thought I could succeed at or enjoy a typical sales role, but here I am sharing Scentsy.  “Why?” you ask?  I truly feel like I am sharing the experience and the opportunity. The minute Scentsy turned into a passion, it became fun. I have always loved my house smelling amazing and when I rid my mind of the “salesman” mentality, everything changed.

scentsy team

How did you Join Scentsy and Choose a Team Name?

The Wickless Sparklers Team has transformed into being about so much more than just Scentsy. The name and our team represent a journey and a transformation. It is about that glow that a person has when they truly realize that they are where they should be or doing what they should be doing. It is about a self transformation and having that sparkle from the inside out. On our team page, we focus on Scentsy but we also focus on wellness, self improvement, positive thinking, fitness, nutrition, family and so much more. The Wickless Sparklers represent Strong, beautiful, amazing people who are becoming inspiring people and living their dreams. We Sparkle from the inside out and project that with every person we come in contact with.  We have a goal to sparkle in everything we do, to grow, to change to inspire, to dream and live with purpose and meaning EVERY SINGLE DAY! Join Scentsy! Make something about you! Make it ALL ABOUT YOU!

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 Join Scentsy and get more than a business.

1.  Quality Products

Scentsy products are the highest quality available.  There are some who have attempted to imitate them, but they simply fall short.  Try the imitation and then try authentic Scentsy products.  You will see that there is just no comparison.  The only way you know is to actually try it yourself and your customers trust you when you tell them you have spent your own money to test it out!

2. Variety of Products

When most people think of Scentsy they think of full-size warmers and  wax bars.  It doesn’t stop there. Scentsy offers a variety of products  to fit every lifestyle and budget and the offering continues to grow.  Scentsy is also always coming out with new products and fragrances. Scentsy releases catalogs twice a year, in March and September, with new products and fragrances. They also release a new full-size warmer and scent every month that are not included in the current catalog, so there is always something new and exciting to offer to your customers.

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3.  No Hard to Reach Monthly Sales Requirements

One simple party every quarter is all you need. You join Scentsy, have our own parties with individual sales or the party of someone else. We always say you should shoot for way more than that to make your business grow but we know life happens. In that case, a party equally of $200 every 3rd month in that month is all that is required.

4.  Rewards for Reaching Sales Goals

For new consultants, there is what is called the Shooting Star Enhancement Kit. You earn this reward by selling $500 during your first 15 days as a consultant.  This kit is great for building your own personal stock to sell on a cash and carry basis or to use for your own or as an option for gift giving (see flyer inserted). When you purchase this kit, it counts toward your sales for that month, so you will also receive commission on your own purchase.

There is also the Scentsational Start Award Program for new consultants.  This award is earned during your first 70 days as a Scentsy consultant and is divided into three different levels.  See the enclosed Quick Start Guide for more information on both rewards.

Scentsy also offers incentive rewards available to all consultants including FREE all inclusive trips and special sales incentives! Wickless Sparklers earned trips free this year and over half of them earned either The Shooting Star or the Scentsational Start award or Both!!

join scentsy florida

5.  Opportunities for Advancement and Increased Income

There are opportunities to advance your ranking and increase your  income with Scentsy.  The first opportunity to increase your commissions comes when you hit $1,000 in total sales.  You will promote from an Essential Consultant to a Certified consultant and earn a 5% permanent increase from 20% to 25% commission.  For all consultants, you will receive an extra 5% commission in any month you reach $2,000 or more in sales.

Additionally, you can sponsor other consultants into you or down line and earn down line sales bonuses.  This happens when you personally sell a minimum of $500 in any given month and have recruits signed up under you who sell a minimum of $200 in that same month.

6.  Flexibility

Whether you want Scentsy to be your full-time job or you are looking  to supplement your income, Scentsy offers the flexibility you need to fit your lifestyle.  Schedule parties and work on your business when it is convenient for you.  Get out of it what you put into it, and on YOUR own terms!  Additionally, as an Independent Consultant you are considered an independent contractor for tax purposes and can write off a variety of business expenses.  Always consult a tax professional for advice on these!

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7.  An Affordable Start-Up Fee

You can start your Scentsy business for only $99 plus tax and shipping.  When you sign up and pay your start-up fee you will receive a  Starter Kit that contains everything you need to start your Scentsy  business, including a full-size warmer, sample products, catalogs, order forms and more.  Visit the JOIN link in my personal website at RIGHT HERE to see all the new consultant kit has to offer or refer to the insert.

8.  A Great Support System 

Join Scentsy and as a Consultant you will have access to online training and tools that will help you to organize and grow your business.  You can always contact your Sponsor with any questions or  concerns that arise, their up line if they are not available or you can contact the Scentsy Consultant Support Department.  My Team has a private team page on Facebook,  for team building, information sharing and support, a private Dropbox link for sharing documents and photos for marketing,  AND Scentsy has an workstation like none other. The Wickless Sparklers are a super close nit team. We are located all across the US and in Canada. In a few short time, we have become close friends, team cheerleaders and an awesome Scentsy support system.


9.  An Affordable Website for Online Sales and No Inventory to Manage

All new consultants have the option to try out their own personal website free for three months.  After the free trial period, you can be charged only $10 a month if you choose to keep the site, and I highly recommend it for reasons we can discuss when the time comes.  Scentsy also offers free credit card processing for orders submitted through our workstation.  And since you place  the orders as they come in, you do not have to invest in or manage an inventory. Some consultants host vendor booths with cash and carry in eligible locations, but this is not a requirement if  you choose not to do so.

10.  Scentsy is a Rapidly Growing Company and Sells Itself

How many companies can say they actually grew during a recession?  Scentsy has experienced 499% growth in revenue during tough economic times from 2008 to 2018.

Don’t get me wrong, it does require time and energy to generate leads and get your business started, but once you are able to demonstrate the product  to people they get drawn into the wonderful fragrances and can’t resist.  A consultant who loves and believes in the products and provides outstanding customer service will see how easy it is to party for a living with Scentsy!

Bonus: Did I mention the FRIENDSHIPS! After 9 years with this company, I have made the most amazing friends. I have memories that are unforgettable and people I can turn to no matter what. Thank goodness I joined Scentsy, it changed it my life and now….It’s time for us to change yours. Join Scentsy and come join the Wickless Sparklers!

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Join The Wickless Sparklers….SO

Are you ready to get started on you Scentsy adventure? Simply go to my site and click “Join Scentsy” on the left side to follow the online instructions  – You can JOIN HERE NOW!!. It’s that simple. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me, I’m here to help you succeed!!  If you are local I would love to have you join our Scentsy Florida team, but if not, you can be successful at a Scentsy business anywhere that we are located.

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