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Ordering Scentsy-It Has Never Been Easier

ordering ScentsyOrdering Scentsy~It Has Never Been Easier

Ordering Scentsy is easy. We always have a variety of ways our customers can order. These days we know everyone is busy. Customers want multiple ways on placing orders for their favorite Scentsy products when they want them products they want. We like to make it easy and also fun.

These days we want to offer all of our customers multiple ways to place an order. Sometimes we know you don’t have time to attend a home party  and some of you don’t even like talking on the phone. Whatever the reason, we like to give you ordering options! Ordering Scentsy is easy, fun and available in a variety of ways.

Ordering Scentsy-What are the options?

When ordering Scentsy, here is what we offer to our customers and/or potential customers:

Home Party Ordering – orders received from a home party setting.

Email Ordering – You can shop with us day or night and place their orders with us via email.

Phone Ordering – We make ourselves available to all our customers weekdays and weekends. Just call to place an order and we’ll take care of it for you immediately.

Web Site Ordering – Our website address is on everything and you can go to our site 24 hours a day to place your orders. Just visit www.wicklesselite.com and everything you need is at your finger tips.

Mail Order – Many consultants don’t accept mail orders or make that an option with their customers, but we do. You can always place an order via postal mail along with your check (or other payment option) and WE WILL accept it!

Text Message Ordering – We are with the times. Feel free to TEXT message to place your orders. We can and will accept all text message orders.

Ordering Scentsy-People are Busy

Times are changing and people are busy! We know this so we want to make sure that you know you can always get your Scentsy a variety of ways. Pick an option today and get in touch with us for your favorite Scentsy products and VIP Specials.


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