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Pinterest for Direct Selling

Pinterest for Direct SellingPinterest for Direct Selling is making quite a splash and hitting the big time in the Social Media world. What started as a fun place to look at pictures has become one of the Top 10 Social Media platforms in the world. Pinterest is a virtual pin board. A couple years ago the big idea was creating vision boards with all of our goals and dreams. Well now with Pinterst, you can do it digitally. Not only can you create your Vision board for each year or month, you can create photo collections on line of anything you want. The site became popular with females and people who were interested in arts and crafts and between the ages of 25 to 44. Now it is becoming so much more.

Over a very short time, Pinterest is driving huge traffic and everyone seems to be catching on to this. Many big Social Media Gurus are naming Pinterst one of the top trends for 2012. I got my Pinterst about 6 months ago and what started out as a few pins here and there of fun, interesting things started to become an addiction. From this addiction, I started to see traffic being driven to Direct Sales site.

Are you in Direct Sales or have any other business that is online? Then sign up for a Pinterest account.

Pinterest is based on interests and personality. I rarely look to see who pins what but rather what is interesting to me. Each picture is driven to some content behind it. Yes that means, if you keep your pictures interesting, people will click on them and most likely end up on your site. What does this mean? Something amazing. Twitter and Facebook are mainly based on our small groups of friends or contacts that we influence. Pinterest allows us to expand beyond that. You can look for a specific topic such as jewelry, clothing, recipes, home decor and more. When you search for those types of items, it is easy to switch from your circle of contents to content beyond your circle. If you read that right, “Beyond your circle”, you certainly got an idea of how well Pinterest can work for your Direct Selling business. The key to combining Pinterest and Direct Sales is how to do it and doing it right.

You must connect your personality with your brand. This means content that helps to define you, your brand and then your products. Your pins as well as your pin titles must be different and unique and must make people want to see more. It can be words of motivation, things related to you or your products. You must choose things that show the passion behind what you do.

Play around with Pinterest for a few weeks and see what others are pinning. Think about how you can make yourself different as a party planner. Simple pictures of every product is going to be the same thing that 200,000 other consultants are doing. Take your own pictures and show how your product can be used in every day life. Make the pictures different. Ideas that no one else has and that you have not seen before. Make sure that all your pictures of your products link back to your website. You can do this by clicking edit on each picture. Make sure you categorize your board. This will help other Pinterest users our of your circle to help you find your board.

The thing to remember is that not all social media platforms fit every industry. Pinterest works best when your product is very visual and remember the main users are female between the ages of 25-44. Pinterest may not be the social media tool for everyone but check out the list of categories and see where you might fit.

If you have a blog on your website, it is very important to add a picture with every post as well as the “PIN IT” button. You can add the button by following some simple steps on the Pinterest website. This makes it very easy to pin your picture, as well as lead people back to your website to find out about it.

Direct Selling and most Party Planning companies are in deed highly visual which makes a Pinterest one of the best social media platforms to get your name out and drive traffic to your website. Simple pinning will not do the trick. You have to think outside the box, post unique pictures and make sure it links back to content that is interesting. Many consultants are using Pinterest to not only focus on products but to use for team members to link to training, as well as videos and music. The trick is getting many people to share what you pin.

Are you on Pinterest? How are you using it? Are you using it for Direct Sales? I would love to hear all about how you are doing.

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