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Safe Candles-An Eye Opener

Jarred CandleSafe Candles-An Eye Opener

Safe Candles will be the only thing in my home from now on. Tuesday Night a situation happened that hit home and although I thought I knew the risks of candles with a flame, it doesn’t really hit you until it affects you. In an effort to not waste things, I lit a jarred candle that I had left under my counter. I put it in a cleared area that I was sure to see so that I would remember to blow it out. The next thing that happened, I was waking up to a foggy living area wondering what was going on.

vent and ceilingThe house was filled with black soot. I immediately checked the AC. When I opened it, the air filter was completely black. I still had no idea what was going on. I walked around the house trying to figure out what the cause was. As I looked around I noticed, the ceiling fans were completely covered in black, the air vents were covered in black and do you even believe, I still didn’t think about the candle.  air filterNext thing I know, I looked over on the counter and saw a black jarred candle. It was not a pool of liquid wax with a wick the size of a piece of wood, a huge flame and the thickest black smoke coming off it that I had ever seen. The jar was too hot to touch and it had blackened underneath the cabinets beyond belief.   I blew out the candle and sat for a moment…..just sat.

Safe Candles-Why They are Important

Safe Candles are the only way to go. Things could have turned out completely differently. Although the house was not smelling of smoke, the black soot was everywhere and it was a huge wake up call. All the what if’s run into your head. What if I didn’t wake up until the entire kitchen had caught on fire? What about my animals? My safety? Candles with a flame, although pretty to look at are not worth the risk. Joining Scentsy and sharing Scentsy will be the only thing I promote from now on. There were three other candles with wicks in my house and now they are in the garbage can. I spent the entire day cleaning vents and walls and ceilings and air filters and although it was not fun, I could have been standing outside watching my house burn down asking myself why I chose to not use safe candles?

Safe Candles-Scentsy is the only choice

Safe Candles are now my choice and although I have been with Scentsy for 3 years, I kept those last few candles, for that just in case. With Scentsy, there is no wick, no soot, no flame and no going through what I went through yesterday. It is a scary feeling to think about everything that could have happened if I never woke up. With Scentsy, you can have a beautiful warmer, a nice smelling house and most importantly no risk of anything dangerous happening to your loved ones and your home. IT IS JUST NOT WORTH IT!


Safe Candles are the only way to go. Buy Scentsy here and keep your family and home safe from something that IS unavoidable.

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