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Scentsy Announces Scentsy Group as Parent Company

Scentsy GroupScentsy Announces Scentsy Group as Parent Company

What we know and love as Scentsy has just announced its new name as Scentsy Group as the parent company and umbrella over all the Scentsy brands. The growth of Scentsy is very exciting in 2012 as two extensions were announced in February and we now await the launch of Velata in May. Scentsy Group has also told us that they will announced a third brand at their annual convention in July.

Scentsy Wickless will keep the brand and logo that we know and love. You will continue to recognize the product seal whenever the famous wickless candles are marketed.

Scentsy Group is the new name of the overarching “parent” or “umbrella” company over all of the Scentsy brands: Scentsy Wickless and Velata, currently. And when the third brand is launched, Scentsy Group will be the umbrella company for the new brand as well.

The new name and logo will be used when we refer to the parent company. Watch for more in the coming weeks.


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