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Scentsy Candles

scentsy candlesScentsy Candles

Scentsy Candles

Scentsy Electric Candle Warmers are a safe, flameless alternative to flamed scented wicked candles! Our Scentsy Candles melt and warm the candle wax in and electric ceramic warmer releasing the scent fragrance into the air which means – NO BURNING. This makes your home safer for you, your family and pets. Buy Scentsy and make your home a safer environment and say goodbye to soot for good!

With over 100 Scentsy Candle Warmers, 16 Scentsy Mid-Size Warmers, 23 Scentsy Plug-ins and 80 different Scentsy Bars to buy. No matter what your Home Decor Style or fragarance preferences, Scentsy has something for everyone when you buy one of these amazing Candle Warmers. We have an ever growing list of Scentsy Candle Products and each month we have a New Scent and Warmer offered. ¬†Each month Scentsy also adds on New College Campus Warmers and Scentsy Buddies. With the purchase of each of these warmers, a percentage of the proceeds go back to that school! Show your School spirit now by supporting your College with the purchase of a Scentsy Warmer. Not to mention our Scentsy Layers for the body and new in September will be Scentsy Hand Soap and Scentsy Bath Tablets. People just can’t get enough of the wonderful fragrance of Scentsy.

If you would like to Buy Scentsy Candles Online, Just Click here to see everything we have to offer.

Scentsy Candles-That’s Not All

Scentsy offers Wax Candles for our Warmers that come in a bar form. Scentsy Bars that have 8 cubes of wax weighing 2.6oz. cubes with a total net weight of 15oz of wax.

Scentsy Candles – How does the Scentsy Candle Warmer Work?

Have you ever had an electric Potpourri Candle Warmer or a Tart Burner that used a Tea Light Candle to scent a room? Did you ever forget about that little tea light and panic of what could have happened? Scentsy has created the ultimate, safe way to not only scent a room but – your entire home – with a Safe Candle alternative.

Just break off 1 (one) piece/cube of wax from your Scentsy Candle Bar (that’s all you’ll need) and place it in the top dish of one of your favorite Scentsy Candle Warmers. Turn on the Scentsy Candle Warmer and our 25, 20 & 15 watt Scentsy light bulbs will warm the wax the scent of your choice will release our powerful and long lasting Scentsy fragrances into your home, office, dorm room, classroom, etc. Scentsy Replacement Light Bulbs are only $1 and are specially made just for our Scentsy Warmers.

A secret combination of ingredients is used to create a pool of melted wax, which is transformed into a Scentsy wickless candle bar. Scentsy only uses the finest scented oils to give off a wide array of aromas that will please all fragrance palates. The melted wax is poured into reusable containers for easy storage. Our Scentsy wax is allergen free and does not contain soy.

Scentsy Candles-What do I do with the wax?

When all the fragrance has left the Scentsy Candle wax from your Warmer, you can either pour the melted wax into the garbage or wipe the warmer dish with a paper towel or, you can turn off your Scentsy Warmer for 10 minutes and then pop out the cooled wax! How easy is that? We even have special Scentsy Grab Tabs that you can use with your Plug-in Warmers to easily remove cooled wax.

When you buy one of these Candle Warmers you’ll no longer leave your home thinking, “Did I blow out the candle before I left?” You can forget about our Scentsy Candles when you go to bed or fall asleep. Our Scentsy Candle Warmers never get too hot to pose the threat of fire. Our Warmers are safe to have around children and pets.

Again, just plug in your Scentsy Warmer, drop in a cube of wax, turn it on and… walk away. It’s just that simple! Really! THAT SIMPLE!

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