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Scentsy Compensation Plan – How To Make Money with Scentsy

Scentsy Compensation Plan – How To Make Money with Scentsy

Below is our Scentsy Compensation Plan. On the far left is the list of monthly responsibilities.  This refers to what you are required to achieve each month in order to be awarded the rewards that are listed under the second orange bar. When you join Scentsy , you are titled an Escential consultant. This is the first level and you are not required any responsibilities. You will simply be paid 20% on everything you sell. As you move to the right of the chart and accomplish the monthly responsibilities, each month, you are will be promoted to a new title and paid at that rank. As you can see that the bottom, each month you will keep whatever TITLE you have earned but you will be paid on the RANK you qualify for in that month.

As you move from Escential Consultant to Super Star Director, the more compensation you are qualified to earn. This includes your commission from your own sales to a bonus on your personal volume , plus leadership bonuses based on what your team does as well. Scentsy compensation chart

How to Promote as a Consultant using the Scentsy Compensation Plan

There are 3 things to look at to determine if you will promote, or what you will be paid as for that month:
1. A minimum of 500 PRV (personal retail volume) every single month in order to qualify for a promotion and to collection bonuses on your team.
2. Group Wholesale Volume (GWV) – this is the combo of everyone in your whole downline’s wholesale sales
3. # of active frontline (active = 200 PRV for that month)

Each month we start out fresh, and are paid by what we and our teams have done by the end of the month. The last day of the month is the last day to qualify to be paid at your rank, so if you are a Scentsy Family Consultant, look at the Performance tab in your Scentsy workstation and see if you are close!! If not, you have until until midnight, Pacific Standard Time tonight to get it where it needs to be.

The Scentsy Compensation Plan is something you should refer to often. You will need to make goals for where you are now and what you want to accomplish for next month.   The higher the rank, the more you are paid. This means you want to share the opportunity and share Scentsy is general to everyone you come in contact with. Then you will want to teach your team how you are doing what you are doing so that they can grow their teams as well.

Questions?  Contact me and I am happy to help you further. What I tell my team is focus on where you are and what the next step is. You don’t have to see the finish line when you start, simply what you need to do next. Ready to join?  Join my Scentsy team and I will help guide you through this Scentsy Compensation Plan chart to help you make the most money as a Scentsy Consultant!

Looking over this Scentsy Compensation Plan and Thinking of Joining?

We don’t just recruit Consultants to join—we sponsor, support, and mentor them for Scentsy success. When you join my team, I’ll be your personal sponsor, helping you every step of the way as you launch your new home business. You’ll also have access to our entire network of Consultants through the My Scentsy Forum and a wealth of online training and resources.

Scentsy’s home office hosts a Consultant Businesses Support Department, available every weekday from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. (MST) to answer any questions you may have. And don’t miss Scentsy’s annual Convention and other seasonal training and networking events! The home office is available to make sure your candle business is a Scentsy success. They truly ROCK and love each and every one of us.

Scentsy Consultants also get a free website when they join for three full months (and just $10 [USD] per month after that), a free online Workstation to organize and run their candle business from home, free credit card processing, no inventory to manage, and free shipping on orders over $200! Selling your favorite candle has never been so easy.

There is never a better month than February to Join Scentsy. It is our Double Kit Month where new consultants get double the supplies to start their business off with a bang. In your kit, you will receive double the testers and also double the catalogs. There are a ton of ways to use these items to market your new business and still for only the LOW price of $99.  YOUR TIME IS NOW! Join Today!

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