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Scentsy Consultant Fun Facts

Scentsy Consultant Fun Facts

Scentsy Consultant Fun Facts

A few facts of being a Scentsy Consultant

Many questions are asked about what it is like to be a Scentsy Consultant and what it entails. Here are a few of the fun facts!!

1. Scentsy Consultant Start up is $99.00 +tax, + Shipping. And WOW do we have an August Special!!! Have you seen it yet? CLICK HERE!!

2. To remain an Active Scentsy Consultant you need to only enter one party every 3 months at 200 PRV.. No difficult requirements.  Any one can have a successful business.

3. ALL party orders of $200.00 Retail sales are free shipping to the one location.

4. When ordering you pay the retail price.  On the 10th of each month your “commission” is loaded onto your Scentsy Credit card for you to spend any way you would like, or get cash from the ATM.

5. You begin selling as an Escential Scentsy Consultant earning a 20% Commission on all sales, after you have sold a total of $1000.00 you become a Certified Consultant and earn a 25% commission on sales.  There are all kinds of bonuses for example when you sell over $2000.00 in one calendar month you earn an additional 5% in commission for the month. Nothing like start up raises immediately.

6. Our Scentsy team is like a family.  We email back and forth, share ideas, cry over the hard stuff, and laugh over the simple stuff together.  It’s a whole new circle of friends.  I am a pretty low key sponsor.  If you want me to help you achieve your goals, I’m here for you, but I don’t want to be pushy, so I do ask for your boundaries, your why and exactly what you  need in order for you to be successful.


7. Incentives Trips and prizes can be earned as a Scentsy Consultant even when you are just beginning.

Scentsy Consultant Training

8. There is a ton of information to help get you started, and to help keep you motivated.  With Scentsy’s training video’s on just about every topic imaginable you’ll be very knowledgeable and feel comfortable having parties or running your Scentsy business however you choose.

9. The company just turned 14 yrs old, and is still growing very quickly. We are still INDUSTRY LEADING.

10. Scentsy is a family oriented company, built on the motto of Give more than you take! Every Scentsy Consultant knows this and tries to live by these words.

11. Scentsy has won many awards from the Direct Selling Association.

12. Scentsy is very firm in the belief of NO DEBT.  They do NOT want their consultant’s going into debt to sell for them.  Therefore, there is no push to get you to have the product on hand in your home at all times.  They keep the ordering process simple and you usually have your orders within a week of the order date.

13. Scentsy has a very generous hostess compensation plan and it’s set up so you can be the Host of your own Party time and time again.

14. Scentsy’s workstation is a great organizational tool for you to use.  It will track your orders, email your customers, and save your commissions.  When placing an order you can stop in the middle and come back to it at a later date to finish.  It also allows the customers to order individually from your website, or to add on to a party you have started from your website.

15. Scentsy can be the family company!  Kids of all ages, can get into helping you work your business and enjoy themselves in the process.

16. Although, there is work involved, you can control the hours you spend on your Scentsy business.  The product sells itself, you just need to let everyone know you sell it and what it is.

17. Scentsy has a TON of marketing material available for the Consultants ranging from Car Vinyls, T shirts, hats, to flyers and bags, so cute and they are always up on what’s in style.  All with very low competitive pricing.

18. Scentsy’s catalogs changes twice a year.  Once in the Fall/Winter, and once in the Spring/Summer.  We do not discontinue all items, just a select few.  And we will always bring in new products to replace.  Just because your favorite item was discontinued will not mean they won’t bring it back.

 Being A Scenty Consultant- What it has done for me?

I love what I do, and I feel very strongly for this company. It literally has changed my life.   I’m here to help in any way that I can and answer any questions you may have.  It may not be a perfect fit but I would strongly suggest looking into it to see what dreams could be waiting for you.

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