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Scentsy Convention – Anaheim California -Updated January 2018

Scentsy Convention 2018

Scentsy Convention 2018 is already upon us. January is the exciting time when as a Consultant we get to sign up for our annual Convention. This year the convention location is the exciting city of Anaheim California.

This will be my 8th Convention, now referred to as Scentsy Family Reunion and I will never miss any future ones . Each year Scentsy makes them bigger and better and this year brighter. Each year, I have made the most amazing friends, created the most incredible memories and learn more than I could ever imagine to help my business.

From the key notes from Orville and Heidi Thompson, we can always be sure they will be bringing every Scentsy consultant to tears. To see over 10,000 consultants in one place. Convention is time when you get so pumped up and motivated that it moves you to a place that is beyond words.

Training sessions are filled with giveaways, announcements and fun that is simply spectacular. From Escential Consultants to SuperStar Directors, every attendee learns valuable information and techniques to grow and sustain our Scentsy businesses. The environment is fun, energetic, and motivational.

If you have just joined or are thinking about joining, this is an opportunity no one should miss. Each session is always moderated by key Scentsy executives, communications and performance experts, and leading Consultants.

New Product reveals for the Fall and Winter Season are always fun. They always keep us guessing and the entire week is a continuous surprise.

Stay Tuned for More Convention Updates. Interested in hearing more about starting your own Scentsy business? Be sure to come chat with me on my Facebook page!


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