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Get more Followers on Your Scentsy Instagram Account

Get more Followers on Your Scentsy Instagram Account

Get Likes and Followers on your Scentsy Instagram account with these simple steps

Have you been paying attention to your Scentsy Instagram account? Did you know Instagram in general has over 300 million users? Did you know over 2 million accounts are opening every single day?  Did you know that out of all of our Scentsy consultants, only a very small percentage are using Instagram correctly or even for business? I have been obsessed with Instagram since 2011. So many of us are visual people and I like you, would post anything and everything going on through out my day on Instagram. That is perfectly ok, but you must think differently if you want to use Instagram for business. It is the perfect way to find new customers and team members if used correctly. Check out my You Tube video about the difference between personal and business Instagram accounts.

. It is hard to believe in such a short time how much this platform has evolved especially being one of the only platforms, along with Snap chat that is used solely on our phones. (We’ll get into Snap Chat later). What started out as a fun photo sharing app now has businesses attention and now all businesses big and small are using it as a great tool to share their content and market their content.

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But Jilleysue, How do I market my business and get more Scentsy Instagram likes and followers?

I get asked this question about Instagram likes more and more every day. For some this can be very overwhelming but I have some great tips to help you get started. Some thing we have to remember is 46% of our consultants are millennials. They have been using Instagram and Social Media since early child hood. This is super relevant. Why? Because if we want to speak their language, then we need to be using these platforms to relate. We need to be on their level and able to do what they do.  Let’s get started with some tips:

1. First you must learn how to speak the Instagram language.  Yes, that is right you must learn what the heck everyone is talking about when they post their photos. If you want more Instagram Likes, you have to know what the heck is going on. Have you noticed hashtags like #instaawesome, #tbt, #instasparkle? Do you look at these and say, “What in the heck are they talking about?” The funny thing about this Instagram language is that it is so micro-simple, it is almost amusing. As you are getting started on the platform, take a look around, you will soon become familiar with a few key hashtags or terms that will help you better understand what this crazy language is. Once you “get the lingo” if you will, you can dramatically grow your following for your Scentsy business.

Many of the most popular hashtags have specific meanings.  The one that has seemed to migrate over to Facebook is #tbt which we all know as Throwback Thursday, Clearly if this hashtag was used any other day of the week but Thursday, it wouldn’t make sense, so it is important to pay attention which hashtags should be used when. Remember, stay in the know. You want your Scentsy Business the “cool kids club” so that tons of millennials are eager to join your team.

2.  Do not use Hashtags that have to do with Scentsy if you wan to find new people besides consultants. Think about it. Who are the main people who are going to look up the hashtag Scentsy? Yes, other Scentsy consultants.  Use trending hashtags, popular hashtags. Use hashtags that have to do with the picture you are posting. If you don’t know about hashtags, the first thing you should is become very verse in the explore tab on Instagram and search around in that area.  I remember when I was first getting started, one of the first thing I did was write down the most relevant hashtags that I knew people would be looking for that might love Scentsy. Who would Scentsy help? Who would fall in love with our products or maybe want to start their own business? Nurses? Teachers? Work at home mommies. The list is endless.

Most industries have at least a handful of hashtags specific to a particular niche. For directsales for example you might want to use #stayathomemom or #homebasedbusiness. Scentsy, you might want to use #homedecor or #fragrance. Following top consultants  in the company with active Instagram accounts to see what they are doing will also help you get an idea of what is working and what is not.


3. You really need to understand the foundation of Instagram and how it all works. Be sure you are aware of the following

  •  Hashtags Filters
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Photo Editing
  • Colors Photo Composition
  • Selfies

4. Click “Like” and Comment

If you click like on other people’s photos, they will return the favor. It is all about engagement. People loved to be liked and once you do like their photo, you will show up in their feed. Not only should you post photos daily, but you should take 30 minutes to an hour to like other people’s photos and even more important, leave comments. And I do mean AUTHENTIC comments. Not just comments that have to do with your business or following you.

New people see you in their notifications & some will follow you.

Even if they don’t follow you, many will check out your Instagram account & engage with your photos.

5. Edit Photos

Brighten photos, edit them. Give them a new look. You will give them just a little more pizazza and in turn help with your Instagram Likes

6. Post great content and post cool stuff. People WILL not come back to your page if you don’t post cool stuff period. They have seen the same photos from 70,000 other designers. You need to stand out. So think about some of these.

There’s lots of cool stuff to post to gain more Scentsy Instagram Likes:

  • Product Shots
  • Trips
  • Inspiring quotes
  • Motivational pictures
  • Business Tips
  • Strategies you use for your business
  • Day in the life
  • Party shots
  • Behind the scenes


The more you show your followers the real you and what you do in your Scentsy business, the more people are apt to follow you. People just are not interested in ads.

These tips will definitely help you market your Scentsy business and gain more likes on your Scentsy Instagram account. Remember mix it up. Don’t just focus on one thing. People love video and all kinds of content. Keep them guessing and coming back. Are you on Instagram? After reading this….What’s the first thing you’ll do to market your business on Instagram? Be sure to follow me on my Instagram accounts. You will see how they are distinctly different and are laser focused on a particular message.

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