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Scentsy Men-What Do They Really Think About This Business?

Scentsy Men-What Do They Really Think About This Business?

Scentsy Men-What do Men Really Think?

Scentsy Men? Really? This is a candle business.Why yes, yes it is. I usually chuckle at that statement. First of all, men love scents just as much as woman do. Not only do they love Scent but they love a business that shows promise. I remember when I first started Scentsy. It was my third Direct Sales business in a year. I think I actually hid the box. I didn’t tell anyone I joined and I think I only brought a room spray to my office. For any one that doesn’t know, most who sign up to do direct sales usually don’t know what it entails, don’t really think about it but have that flash of a thought, “of course this will be awesome, of course I will make money, I love fashion, cooking, purses…whatever else…so everyone will it too.”….Right? Not necessarily.

To continue, I brought that one room spray to work. It was Pumpkin Roll. I sprayed it early in the morning, maybe once or twice. A few minutes later, people were walking down the hall saying, “What is cooking?”, “What is that yummy smell?”  “Just an air freshener.” I said. Almost embarrassed. I couldn’t help thinking they would think I was such a loser starting yet another direct sales business.  When they continued to probe with questions such as what kind, what company, where did I get it. I knew I kind of had to spill the beans. Oh boy. 🙁

Scentsy Men- They Have an Opinion

With in a few minutes, the owners also were asking me what the smell was. Oh and I forgot to mention that one of the owners of this successful financial services company that I worked for was my boyfriend at the time. Yeah that was the hard part, my “little girly businesses” also seemed to minuscule compared to an actual business where 120 people worked and departments and payroll and all of that. As I explained,  I bought yet another kit and said once again, “but this is it”. I cringed as I waited for the…. “OK Jill.”  But this time it didn’t happen. This time it was different. They turned and shocked me as they said, “I think you are on to something here.” I almost fell to the floor.

Now one can say, why would you  need anyone’s approval?  But when someone who is highly successful in their business, man or woman looks at you and gives their stamp of approval, it gives you a bit of drive. I will say that whether they said Scentsy was dumb or stupid or anything else, I already knew it was for me, so it really wouldn’t have mattered but the official stamp coming from people you care about always makes you feel a little bit more empowered.

Kevin came with me to convention that first year. He experienced Scentsy spirit first hand and he surprisingly really enjoyed it. He was never a  person who sat still long or had much attention for listening to speeches but his words when it was over were, “I don’t sit and listen to much, but I could listen to Orville(Thompson) for hours.” He was now a member of the Scentsy Men family.

Scentsy Men-When does it click?

When I see new  men at Scentsy Family Reunion, I am truly so excited. I know what having your husbands there will do for new consultants.  Most men go, not really knowing what to expect.  They don’t kick and scream but they definitely envision themselves watching sports in the lounge while their wives “do their “Scentsy” thing”.   Then it all changes. It always does. Something happens. The light bulb goes on. They get it. They experience first hand a room filled with people who BELIEVE in their company, who are inspired by a President and CEO who love their team more than anything. It doesn’t take long before, the husbands turn to their wives and say….” I think you are on to something here.” 🙂  Yes, more Scentsy Men!!

This blog post was inspired by a post I found by another Consultant’s husband. I wanted to share it with all of you. You can read his post in its entirety below. You can read exactly the transformation happening as I described above. It happens the same way every time all the time. Scentsy Men thinking that this is a dumb little candle business transformed into business partners.

“My Scentsy Experience by a Scentsy Man by James Dalman

 Before I start, I must let you know that this post is NOT about encouraging you to join a Direct Sales business. I realize that we all have, at one time or another, been asked to look at the latest “opportunity” in order to achieve our dreams whether that’s financial freedom or freedom from a job we hate. This post is plainly about my personal latest experience with Scentsy Fragrances.


This was my first thought when my wife introduced the notion of her becoming a Scentsy Independent Consultant. The second thought, to put it nicely, was absolutely not. There was no way that she or I was going to invest in another crappy multi-level marketing business. My mouth was still soured with the taste of the last failure we joined over eighteen years ago and there was a snowballs chance in hell that I’d ever discuss another one!


In order to appease my lovely wife, I agreed to stomach my way through another one of these dumb presentations that used all the cheesy MLM cliches I’ve heard before like “we sleep till we’re done” or “we work when we want to.”  Since the Scentsy Consultants inviting us were involved at our church and they offered us a free meal, I thought what harm could there be in giving up 60 minutes of my life. It would be fun to challenge this young couple while eating on their dime.


Brian and Allison didn’t pressure us. They didn’t pitch us. Heck, they just told us how much they loved the business and how it changed their lives. They gave us information on how Scentsy worked and then asked if we had any questions. The approach wasn’t typical and I was grateful. Yet I was resolved to stand my ground that I would never, ever join another direct sales business. Donetta wasn’t convinced like I was though, and after much discussion, I decided the best way to let it go was to let her do it … and it would probably fail and fade away.


Yes, I admit that I had very little hope for my wonderful wife succeeding in a business model I knew was doomed to fail. I’ve been around the block before and it takes less than a couple months before the dream is lost in the rearview mirror. But to my amazement, my introverted sweetheart refused to quit even while facing discouragement. She worked so hard that she was able to make enough money to take us to the annual Scentsy Family Convention in Las Vegas this past week. My goal was to drink margaritas and sit by the pool while her and a few women cheered about wickless candles. She had other plans for me.

11,000 MANIACS.

Despite my failed attempts to wiggle a way out, I attended my first ever Scentsy convention to support my wife. It was quite amazing to watch 11,000 people (98% women) gather for a business they really believe in.

I’ll be honest … most of the convention was done with excellence and I learned far more about marketing and presentation than I ever had through any book or website. Scentsy delivered a brand experience almost as great as Apple and invoked a frenzy of emotions from a very committed and passionate group of loyalists. The main speakers were top notch and the company insights were captivating. I wondered if most business owners injected that type of DNA into their own businesses, how that might hugely affect their long-term success. I passed along copious tweets (#SFC2012) that even caused my own daughter to stop following me! And I am sorry for the excessiveness, but one should share things they believe are valuable and that’s exactly what I did.


I’m still uncertain how this experience all plays out in our game of life, but what I am certain of after this week in Las Vegas is this:

  • Scentsy is for real. It made the 2011 Inc 500 list at #85 and has grown at an incredible rate. It is also listed as #66 on Forbes America’s Most Promising Companies List.
  • Scentsy has changed lives. Thousands of women have been empowered with a successful business that allows them to stay home and raise a family while running a business. And many men have been able to quit their jobs as well.
  • Scentsy has strong, down to earth values. They believe in giving back and generosity. They’ve raised millions of dollars for various charities in addition to giving so much to their own consultants.
  • Scentsy is doing what no other Direct Sales company has ever done. They have multiple brands under one umbrella and just launched an exciting Grace Adele line of purses, clutches, and accessories for women. I think this idea is a winner and was evident by lots of screaming and crying women!!!

Now it’s possible that I may become the next Ryan Seacrest and go metrosexual and join my wife to sell purses, but it’s very unlikely. However, I now do fully support her and her business (and we all need a support network) because of what I experienced at the convention. I think she will hit a homerun!

I will never try to convince any person to get into a Direct Sales business – or any other business for that matter. You have to have the interest and passion for any venture to make it succeed. And while there are thousands of businesses like this that fail, the truth is that most “traditional” businesses have a high failure rate as well. What it really comes down to is how hard you’re willing to work to achieve your dream and if you have a product or service that people are willing to pay for.

Make no mistake though … Scentsy can change your life if it’s the right business and vehicle for you.”

Read More at…..http://jamesdalman.com/my-scentsy-experience/

Scentsy Men-See I told you.

James is just another example of how Scentsy changes lives, thought processes and creates memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you are a consultant now or would really like to be in the future…know one thing. It doesn’t matter what you sell. You have to believe in the company, believe in the products and most importantly believe in yourself no matter what people may say. So many people put a bad name on Direct Sales. Usually it is because they think, “Oh another sales thing.” Well with Scentsy, I have never sold a thing since I started. I share with people something that I love more than anything, friends and memories that I cherish more than I can express. When that is your job, there is no sales involved. It is just YOU being YOU!!


So Whether you are just getting started in this, have a wife just getting started, are a wife who needs a supportive husband or ARE A GUY READING THIS, Scentsy can be for you too.  There is a TON of opportunity here. You can get a little involved or a lot involved. It doesn’t mean you have to wear Star earrings or run around yelling Scentsy Spirit to have a successful business. Just be yourself and find out what area of the business you can get involved with that will be the most beneficial.  As I said, men love our Scentsy just as much, if not more, than women do. If you’ve ever thought about joining a business opportunity then check out Scentsy! If you are already involved, embrace it and hold on for the ride of your lives.

We need more guys involved in our business! If you have an interest in JOINING SCENTSY and starting a business then contact us today!

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