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Scentsy New Brand has everyone chattering all over the internet. Scentsy has done amazing things this year. From adding the Layers Body Care line to Scentsy and the introducing Velata, a family friendly fondue system, the Scentsy Family has been very busy in 2012 changing the Direct Sales Industry as we know it. There are tons of rumors floating around as to what Brand X could be and we just will not know until Convention is upon us in 4 1/2 more days. What is it? What is the Secret? We are all dying to know. I can’t take it anyone. Check out www.WicklessElite.com for the Convention Ticker to make sure you are plugged and know when all the Secrets will be revealed. What could Scentsy New Brand be? Clues are flying, rumors are in full forces but we will all finally know next week. What happens in Vegas WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!!!

Scentsy New Brand- Changes in 2012

Scentsy New Brand and the recent releases now fall under Scentsy Family. This is the parent or umbrella company over all the brands. Scentsy family will offer all of the different brands and products. So as of right now, Consultants can currently sign up as a Scentsy Wickless Consultant, a Velata Fondue Consultant or both. After August 1st, they will also be able to become a Brand X Consultant. Each Consultant can choose 1 or all of the brands to market. When Brand X launches, it will be an incredible opportunity to get in on this ground floor opportunity, managed by an incredible, established, successful organization (Scentsy Family).

What this means is yes, once again Scentsy is going to launch an entire new product line and an entire new brand on August 1st. This means when I return home from Scentsy Convention on July 29th, I will be able to be your Director, Coach, Friend and Cheerleader for a Ground Floor Opportunity of “the most successful product line launch in Direct Selling history” (as said by President Orville Thompson).

Imagine being one of the first people to join Scentsy’s New Brand!! The next amazing thing is THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE in DIRECT SALES! You will able to have three brands (Scentsy, Velata, Brand X) with one downline, one commission, and the ability to recruit in any or all three brands.

Scentsy New Brand-What we know right now.

Scentsy New Brand has tons of clues and people guessing. Here is what we know right now.

  • Brand X launch will be August 1
  • You can represent all the companies/brands if you choose.
  • You do not have to represent all of the companies/brands if you don’t want to.
  • The commission and down lines are all together. No separate down line of pay check for each.
  • NOW is the time to join my team. It will give you the foundation you need to start your Scentsy career and you’ll be ready to rock when Brand X is launched.
  • Scentsy is releasing clues to the public about the new Brand on Twitter under #sfc2012
  1. Drip Tease #1: “The Secrets that Lie within”
  2. Drip Tease #2:  Simple concept with 430 skus
  3. Drip Tease #3:  A beautiful 48 page catalog
  4. Drip Tease #4: A 64 billion dollar market
  5. Drip Tease #5: 100,000 man hours to be ready to launch this new brand
  6. Drip Tease #6: A 2 Syllable first name and a 1 syllable last name.
  7. Drip Tease #7: 70 Shipping containers on the water headed to Meridian for initial launch
  8. Drip Tease #8: 150,000 square feet of dedicated distribution space
  9. Newest Drip Tease: Cost of inventory needed for the first 12 weeks equals Scentsy’s revenue its first 34 months!!

Do you have any guesses about Scentsy’s New Brand? Comment below and let me know what you think. Check back here or Twitter for more of Scentsy’s Drip Teases from now until Convention!!!!

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Scentsy New Brand-What does this mean?

Well if you are a current consultant. Hold on tight. You are in for the ride of your life. If you are a former consultant, it is time to think about calling me NOW!. Former consultants can have their accounts restored. I can help you with every step. If you are considering Scentsy, stop considering and START ACTING! Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. If you have never done sales, awesome because I don’t have any sales people on my team. I have passionate housewives, stay at home moms, professionals, business women and men, teachers, nurses, vets, doctors and more who share an amazing product and an amazing company. Most of them have never sold anything in their lives and now have opened a chapter in their lives they can’t imagine being with out. Start your chapter today!

Scentsy New Brand-Always our Mission Statement

To bring value to the world by providing an industry leading, family friendly business opportunity sharing creative, artistic, high quality products that warm the heart, enliven the senses, and inspire the soul.

Scentsy New Brand-Don’t Miss out!

Scentsy New Brand is very close! Call me, Text me, Facebook me, Just get a hold of me and let’s chat. I never thought in a million years, I would be doing something like this, Direct Sales, Convention etc, It can literally give you that missing piece. Talking with me is free and could change your life.




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