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The Scentsy Opportunity – How is This Direct Sales Company Different?

The Scentsy Opportunity – How is This Direct Sales Company Different?

Top Ten Reasons Why the Scentsy Opportunity is Different

Why is the Scentsy Opportunity different? Have you heard all the buzz? What simple system? A light bulb? Wax? Have you watched your Facebook or other Social Media platforms and see people just giddy over Scentsy?

Do you say to yourself, “I would never do a Direct Sales business, I could never do that.” Do you sit there and wish could? Do you think, “Oh this is just like all those other Direct Sales, Party planning companies out there.”   I challenge you to do just a little bit of research. Watch a few You Tube videos. Find a few current consultants and see if their stories are all the same.  You may be wondering what makes Scentsy different from other home businesses. Well I can promise you as you do your research you will find each story different in its own unique way but it will have so many of the same similarities. You will start to notice common denominators. I promise you will start to hear consultants overjoyed with how Scentsy is different and how it has truly changed their lives.

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Below is a Top Ten list of some things you WILL hear.

1.  Our team of independent consultants is a friendly, family oriented group. We are supportive and believe in helping one another. We are each other’s personal cheerleaders, yet if you need to take a break, it is OK. You run your business how YOU want to. You are RECOGNIZED! You ARE APPRECIATED!!!! You are LOVED!!!

2. A Scentsy business gives you flexibility. You are in complete control of how much or little you work your business. No scripts, no dress code, crazy low minimums to help consultants of all “WHYS” succeed.

3. You don’t need any previous experience. We offer excellent training and support to help you succeed in a step by step manor. This includes conference calls, training websites, one on one training, webinars, mentoring and more.

4. There are no pushy, sales tactics. You DO NOT HAVE to SELL!! Scentsy asks you to share the “Scentsy way”, to give more than you take, to talk about an amazing product and to provide an opportunity like none other for people who have a dream.

4. Your efforts are rewarded by an excellent compensation plan. Your profit on customer orders starts with you earning 20%. However you have the potential to earn 30% on your personal sales alone.

5. Scentsy offers FREE shipping on business supply orders over $50. If your order is under $50 there is a small $5 shipping fee. All party orders over $200 will also receive FREE shipping to one address.

6. Been in Direct Sales before and failed? Scared to try again? Welcome to many of our worlds. Many Scentsy consultants have bought at least 2-3 starter kits of other Direct Sales companies and could never get out of their own way. Just because you have tried other companies, does not mean you can not be a SUPERSTAR with Scentsy. Scentsy changes all that. There is not a huge catalog of products to memorize, there is no 2 hour presentation required, there is no inventory to keep. You can run your business through home parties, basket parties, events, fundraisers or online. Where there use to be only one type of person who could succeed at Direct Sales or Party Planning, Scentsy allows room for all types of people with strengths of all kinds.

7. Scentsy is a product that works for everyone. Men, Teens, Children, Woman, Babies, Pets, Real Estate Agents, College Kids, Teachers and more. What product is safe for everyone and can be used in almost every office or for any age group. Who you can market to is open to millions. Not to mention, Scentsy thinks out of the box and is creating more brands for consultants to market to even more people.

8. You are welcomed with open arms. When joining anything or attending anything with a group of people, it can be very scary wondering if you will fit in. From the first call to the first meeting to the first event, I have always felt like I have been with Scentsy with years. I was greeted with a smile, welcomed with a hug and told I was amazing from Day 1. This is no joke. The feeling of belonging and importance that Scentsy has given me is something I hold dear to my heart. My first convention, I was hugged hello by my Scentsy Superstar Director and led directly to owner Collette Egan and millionaire consultant, Nicole Ferland. Their words were how amazing I was with the title Superstar Consultant at the time. It was a moment I will never forget.

9. Ability to see the vision that YOU can be a SUPERSTAR too. In most Direct Sales companies, it is impossible to see the possibility of being at the Top. With Scentsy, it is completely different. You can see the vision, you can see the future. It is possible to see yourself as a Superstar Director living your dreams. Usually the idea with these companies is to get in quick and if you don’t, you will never be at the top. It is not that way with Scentsy. If you work your business, set your goals, give more than you take and keep everything simple….YOUR DREAMS CAN and WILL COME TRUE!

10. Owners that care. Orville and Heidi Thompson are real. They care. They love us. Whether you join today or have been with the company for 8 years, you can feel their authenticity and how much they love their Scentsy Consultants. They are true with hearts bigger than anything imaginable. They aren’t afraid of a challenge and they are not afraid to change their mind or fix things if something doesn’t work or if it is not in the best interest of the company or their consultants. They train us, they move us, they mentor us, they inspire us. The loyalty that Scentsy consultants have for Orville and Heidi is something that is in place because of the loyalty they have for us.

Have you signed up while you are reading this? WHY NOT? It is not fair for me to keep this experience to myself. The Scentsy opportunity is something I wish I could explain in more than words, but when its a feeling, its something you have to experience for yourself. Join Scentsy today. Ask me about how you can EARN A KIT!  It’s  is not about selling wickless candles. It is something that will move your heart in a way that makes you feel something you have never felt. It is something that will make you tear up when you do something as simple as write an article like this.

Contact me today to Move Your Heart!

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