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Scentsy Quebec-Scentsy to Launch in Quebec, Canada

Scentsy QuebecScentsy Quebec- Scentsy to Launch in Quebec,Canada

Scentsy Quebec about to be born

The wait is over, on October 1st, 2012 Scentsy Family will open all 3 brands in Quebec. The entire country of Canada has enjoyed Scentsy and now Quebec will finally join in the fun. Catalogs and Business Material will be available in French and English.

Scentsy Quebec will be born on October 1, 2012. If you are in the Quebec area and would like to buy Scentsy, host a basket party or join the opportunity of a lifetime, we would love to have you join our team. We have built our team of fabulous consultants across the US and Canada and we are very excited to finally add consultants from Quebec to our team.



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