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Scentsy Summer Gift Ideas

gift ideasScentsy Summer Gift Ideas

Scentsy Summer Gift Ideas just for that perfect someone. In addition to rising temperatures, June brings thoughts of getting away! Take Scentsy with you when you travel! Looking for a last minute gift? Scentsy Summer Gift Ideas makes the perfect gift! Say thank you for hosting us at your home or send as a gift to your favorite summer camper!
Here are a few scentsy summer gift ideas to make the most of summer trips and retreats:

Scentsy Buddies

Send Them off With a Pal


Whether they’re off to camp or a sleepover next door, kids can always use a friend from home! Give the Scentsy Summer gift of a Scentsy Buddy, and help the kids in your life feel comfortable — wherever they may be! Is your little one a mischievous little monkey? Give them a kindred spirit in Mollie the Monkey! Do they love to jump and dance around? Let them hop alongside Ribbert the Frog! Are they the sweetest hug bug in the world? Let them cuddle with Lenny the Lamb! Each lovable companion carries a big dose of sweet fragrance and an even bigger dose of cozy comfort. Shop the entire collection of Buddies and baby buddies to find just the right friend.


Fragrance on the Go

Send Them Off With Scentsy

Are your friends and family about to hit the road or take to the skies? Give them the gift of Scentsy Fragrance on the Go! Help them keep their car fresh with a Scent Circle, their luggage softly perfumed with a Scent Pak, and their hotel rooms pleasant with Room Spray. Compact and convenient, these TSA-friendly gifts will enhance their trip with scent, from start to finish — all while keeping it hassle-free.

 Scentsy Staycation

Sweeten the Trip

If your loved ones’ are staying home this summer, give them a “Trip away while staying home” to remember! If they crave sunbaked sand and salty sea air, try pairing the sunny style of Sol with the breezy fragrance ofOcean. If they pine for the glamour of the Far East, pair the sleek design of Casbah with the spicy scent of Imperial City. Or if they yearn for a spa getaway in the hills of France, pair the soothing tones of Contenta with the soft, herbal notes of French Lavender. With Scentsy, it’s easy to bring their most longed-for destinations right to their doorstep!

For more Scentsy Summer gift ideas, call or email me today!

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