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Scentsy is Now OPEN to Ireland, UK and Germany

Scentsy IrelandScentsy in OPEN in Ireland, the UK and Germany and allows residents in this area to experience Scentsy first hand. Scentsy is the safe and healthy way to bring the scents into our lives. Scentsy offers over 80 high quality fragrances delivered in a variety of electric warmers. Scentsy has Wickless candle bars that are warmed in a warmer rather than burned with a flame. Some of the best features of Scentsy are…..


  • Lead Free, wickless, Flameless, and Smokeless
  • Incredibly potent, highly scented wax blend candle bars
  • More fragrant than votives, tarts or wax chips.
  • 19 Full size warmers, 9 Mid size warmers and 50 fragrances in
  • 75 to 100 hours burn time per bar
  • A safer and healthier alternative to wicked candles
  • Beautifully designed and unique warmers will be lit by LED for Europe
  • More Cost effective than competitive wicked Candles

Scentsy UKMuch more fragrant than votives, tarts or wax chips, one bar will outlast most jarred candles 10 times their size!

Starter kit will include: 1 Full-Size Scentsy Warmer, 1 Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer, 50 scent testers, a Warmer Stand, 2 Scentsy Bars, 50 catalogs (for the country in which the Consultant enrolls), 50 each of Buy, Host, and Join brochures, Host Rewards brochures, Host Guest List, Host Envelope, PYO labels, PYO business cards, order forms, and a New Consultant Start-Up Guide.


Scentsy GermanySTARTER KIT is ONLY £85 VAT inclusive in the U.K., €99 VAT inclusive in Germany and Ireland.

Scentsy International  FAQ

Q. Which European markets is Scentsy open in?

A. Scentsy has initially offered products and the business opportunity in the United Kingdom (U.K.) ,Germany and Ireland. There are plans for two more North American markets in 2012

Q. When will Scentsy launch?

A. Scentsy in these areas is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Q. Will anyone be able to join, or only existing Consultants?

A. Anyone living in the U.K., Germany & Ireland is able to join.

Q. As a U.S. or Canadian Consultant, will I be able to sell and recruit in the U.K. and Germany?

A. Existing U.S. and Canadian Consultants are able to sponsor in the U.K.,Germany and Ireland but are not be able to sell in these markets.

Q. Can Consultants who live in the U.S. or on U.S. military bases in the U.K, Germany or Ireland sell in those countries?

A. No. Consultants on U.S. military bases technically live in the U.S. for business and income purposes. However, if a U.S. or Canadian Consultant meets the requirements for enrolling as a Consultant in another country (that is, they have a work visa or other legal permission to work in that country), they have the option of submitting a Change of Country form. In this case, they will give up their right to sell in the U.S. or on U.S. military bases, but they would keep their existing downline.

Q. What is cross-border sponsoring?

A. Cross-border sponsoring allows Consultants in good standing to sponsor new Consultants in other countries or regions.

Existing Consultants in the U.S. and Canada will be able to sponsor in the U.K., Germany and/or Ireland as long as they are in good standing with Scentsy. Likewise, Consultants in the U.K., Germany or Ireland will be able to sponsor in the U.S. and/or Canada.

Any Consultant who wants to sponsor in other countries will need to sign new “Cross-Border Sponsor Agreement” for the country they are interested in.

Q. What do I need to do to be able to sponsor in the U.K, Germany or Ireland?

A. Cross-border sponsoring agreements similar to the agreements we have in place for North American cross-border sponsoring will be posted in your Workstation when we launch in April.

Q. How do I go about finding people in the U.K. and Germany who want to sign up?

A.  Per the Scentsy, Inc. Policies and Procedures, Section 6.3.3 (U.S. version), you may not purchase email, phone, or direct mail lists to contact people you do not know personally. You are welcome to talk to your friends and contacts about becoming a Scentsy Consultant and if you choose, invite them to attend their local welcome meetings for more information.

Q. Can I register or reserve booths at fairs or shows to help a new Consultant start a Scentsy business?

A. No. Only local Consultants in those countries can register for an event. After the launch, and once you have established a downline in Europe, you may work with your downline and assist at these events, but you cannot reserve for, register, or sell at these events.

Join Scentsy in the UK & Germany

Join Scentsy in the UK, Germany & Ireland to get in at the ground-level and experience the tremendous income potential earned by Scentsy consultants in the United States.  Scentsy has grown by over 300% over its first 6 years, setting the stage for amazing growth in the UK ,Germany & Ireland.  These areas are still in their “Starter Phase”

If you have any questions about Scentsy or would like to ask us some questions about why you should join our Industry Leading Company, contact me today.

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