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Barbara Barbara Semento –  Scentsy Director of the Starfish Society Team

Jill is what I needed when I didn’t know I needed her. Being a direct sales leader and wanting so much more than I was getting from my business. Jill showed me the way to break out of my shell and branch out even when I was scared. She showed me I’m worthy of success and so much more. She’s the OG GIRLBOSS everyone needs. She was not even my sponsor and took me under her wing. She started as a Florida sister mentor and now I can truly call her my friend.


Dina nazarioDina Nazario – Super Star Consultant  

When I started working with Jill,  I doubted myself and what I had to offer plus I was certainly  working my Scentsy business on social media all wrong.  I was also extremely shy and lacked confidence. Jill started slowly showing me how to step out of my comfort zone, believe in myself and my business started to flourish. Because of her, I learned how to make my own content and post with intent. I’ve also became part of an amazing tribe of ladies that truly want to lift each other up and see each other succeed. Jill has shown me to stop with negative self talk and really focus on what an amazing person I am and that I have an incredible opportunity to offer people. 


Heather OerterHeather Oerter – VIP Customer
I have ordered all my Scentsy production Jill for the past 2 years. I will continue to order exclusively from Jill because of her amazing attention to customer service and Scentsy product knowledge. Jill gives honest reviews on new scents and products. She has made my ordering effortless. She lets me know when a new product or scent comes out that is a must have. Her dedication to knowing my scents and style history and preferences is unmatchable! I love the excitement and enthusiasm she has for her business and her customer service is unparalleled!


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