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What Makes Scentsy Different?

Orville Heidi Thompson

I could go and on about Scentsy. After all, it’s my business right? I could tell you how much the owners Orville and Heidi Thompson love each one of us as well as their customers. But won’t every Direct Sales Consultant tell you the same thing? I mean most will say, “Well of course they love their customers, without customers Scentsy wouldn’t exist.

I could definitely ramble on about the quality of our Scents products and how everything is handcrafted etc etc. But many Direct Sales companies sell amazing, high quality products right?

Scentsy is about so much more than owner love and product quality. It is about a vision and how everyone at Scentsy considers everyone before they make decisions. It is not just about the buck but rather how the buck can benefit everyone that is involved with Scentsy and even people that are not.

At Leadership this year, we were told how Orville and Heidi have been asked to sell Scentsy numerous times. They were approached by many many investors and offered large, LARGE amounts of money. If the decided to accept one of these offers, they would never have to work again and their children would be taken care of as well. This was never an option. They told us how they decided to take millions of their own money and “swing for the fence” again, as they did in the early years of Scentsy and reinvest with new Scentsy extensions and new brands.

It is a huge risk for Scentsy. They will start two entirely new brands this year, start them from the very beginning and give us, their consultants two more streams of revenue. The first new brand will come up March 1st with a patent pending warmer with a silicone top for warming the finest Belgium Chocolates and then a unrevealed brand to be announced in August at our yearly convention.

This is something no other company has done before. They asked all of us to go “all in” and push forward with making a family friendly company in which consultants can also invest in their Scentsy business and pass it down to their children. Heidi and Orville have a passion for Scentsy and have a passion for the consultants who also have a passion and have made Scentsy what it is today.

While that’s just one example of how the company owners “give back,” that positive giving energy floats through the whole company. They employees get involved, the consultants and their families get involved. They have positive attitudes and you can tell just how passionate they are about the business.

What puts Scentsy at #1 is a combination of everything we do. Scentsy strives to create quality products for customers, truly cares about their consultants, customers and employees and believes in helping as many people as they can. Scentsy owners, employees and consultants are all dedicated to making the company succeed. They work hard as a whole to achieve that success. It never stops, we don’t give up.

Even though the company has only been around since 2004, they have done things no other direct sales company has done. They are constantly looking into the future and looking at a new horizon. Scentsy has become a true leader in the Direct Sales industry and a household name for many.

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