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What Makes Scentsy Unique?

MargotWhat makes Scentsy Unique?

What makes Scentsy unique is that unlike traditional candles where the wax is burned into the air, Scentsy Candles are lead free and wickless. There are no dangerous flames, and because the wax does not burn or evaporate, nothing harmful is released into the air. The wax never gets so hot that you cannot touch it, so it is safe to have around kids and pets.

Scentsy has 80 unique and fragrances to choose from, so you’re sure to find plenty of favorites! The wax comes in two forms: Scentsy Bars and Scentsy Bricks. Bars have cubes that are broken off and placed into the warmers. Bricks are a whole pound of wax and are a great option if you love a certain scent and want more of it.


Scentsy products are great to use in:



Dorm rooms

Kids’ Rooms

Save Money Buying Scentsy

Scentsy products are also a much better value than traditional candles. In fact, using Scentsy Candles can save you up to $175 a year over using jar candles. Take this simple example of using Scentsy products over traditional jar candles, both with an average burn time of up to 80 hours:

1 Scentsy Candle Warmer = $30
12 Scentsy Candle Bars = $60 ($5 each)
Total Cost Per Year: $90* *And this doesn’t even factor in the savings of buying Scentsy Multi-Packs!
12 Medium-Sized Jar Candles = $264 ($22 each)
Total Savings Per Year Using Authentic Scentsy Candles: $174

Sell Scentsy and Earn Money

Some Scentsy Consultants sell Scentsy to earn a few hundred dollars a month to help pay some bills. Others enjoy a six-figure income running their Home-Based Business on a part-time basis. Stay-at-home moms and even women maintaining other full-time careers enjoy the Residual Income that a Scentsy Business can bring.

If you are interested in starting your own Scentsy Business from the comfort of your home, simply Contact Me to find out how easy it is to get started! Scentsy products really do sell themselves. I am not a salesperson and have never enjoyed anything to do with sales.With Scentsy, you don’t have to sell. You share your excitement for a fabulous product and an incredible company. That is it. You just plug it in.  I am a woman with dreams, who loves training people, and building the best Scentsy team around – The Wickless Sparklers Team!  I am the average person, just like you!! I have been building a successful business for almost three years and I absolutely love it!

Now is a great time to take control of your income and Become a Scentsy Consultant. Love what you do while earning a great income! We are growing every day and would love to add you to our team.


Find a Scentsy Consultant

Want to Buy Scentsy Candles but don’t know a Scentsy Consultant? Just Contact Me and I will be happy to help you pick out the best Scentsy Scents and find the package deal the fits your budget and has exactly what you want. You can Buy Scentsy Online, at home parties, at basket parties or through a consultant directly.  Enjoy Browsing My Scentsy Website My name is Jill McCarthy, Scentsy Director in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida and surrounding areas. I can whole-heartedly say that Scentsy has changed my life. It has allowed me to provide a great income for my family while enjoying new friends, incredible travels and allowing myself free time.

As you browse this website, see which scents you would love to try. There are many different specials here at Scentsy that allow you to save money as you buy more Scentsy products. Of course, if you host a party, you’ll have the ability to save even more money that you can apply to your purchase. You’ll receive discounts and even earn items at half price! Enjoy looking through this website, viewing our online catalog, and feel free to click Contact Me any time!

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