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Why Scentsy Warmers?

ArmerinaWhy Scentsy Warmers?

Why Scentsy Warmers? Because they are truly the best in their class. The detail in each one is indescribably. 

Scentsy Warmers come in 5 types and sizes: Premium Full-Size Warmers (which have special details and glazes), Full-size Warmers, Premium Mid-Size Warmers, Mid-Size Warmers (slightly smaller than full-size warmers), and Plug-In Warmers which fit neatly under a kitchen cupboard or in a bathroom. You’ll definitely find a Scentsy warmer design that complements your design motif in the context of design style, textures, colors, and artistic aesthetics.

Scentsy Warmers are handcrafted. Scentsy Warmers which use an included 25-watt light bulb, not an open flame. The warmth from the bulb creates a small pool of wax that remains lukewarm to the touch. Because the wax is not being burned or is not hot enough to evaporate, there are never harmful emissions put into the air, just wonderful Scentsy fragrance. You can leave your warmer on for many hours a day safely, just as you would a lamp or nightlight.

Scentsy Warmers are safe and better for your environment than traditional candles.  No more soot!  No more smoking candles!  Just the beautiful fragrances you’ve been searching for. Our Scentsy Products are considered Candle Lamps. You don’t have to worry if you leave them unattended or on for hours it is just like a lamp.

Please take some time to go through the Scentsy Catalog as I guarantee you’ll get excited and want to purchase Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy bars to try for yourself.

Please watch our Rocks to Warmers Video to get an idea of all the detail and love that go into each one. You’ll be amazed at the Quality of Scentsy Warmers. They are so gorgeous in person and make perfect gifts for anyone you know.


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